Kids for Christ – SMTC

Kids for Christ

“Children are a real gift from the Lord.  They are a real blessing.”  Psalm 127:3


Kids for Christ believes that…

  • Children have a special place in God’s heart.
  • Jesus calls even the little children to have this special relationship with Him.
  • Children can grow in their love and trust for God through a meaningful relationship with parents and peers.
  • Children must respect and obey their parents and other significant persons in their life.
  • Parents, being the prime movers in the child’s life, have the primary responsibility of guiding, teaching, and instilling Christian values.
  • In training up the young child in the ways of the Lord and to be responsible at home and in school.
  • the pre-teen stage of a child’s life are crucial formative years, and that Christian values and attitudes can be absorbed and imbibed during these years.
  • In the innocence, purity, and simplicity of children; and that God’s plan is to preserve and enhance this nature rather than it be eroded by the ways of the world.
  • That children have a strong need for acceptance and belonging; that they need and desire to have caring and loving friends and playmates.
  • That children need a healthy concept of themselves, which may be enhanced by their parents acting as primary role models and also by secondary role models from Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ, and Singles for Christ.
  • That our children’s God-given gifts and talents need to be recognized and nurtured in a healthy Christian environment that is fun and life-giving.​